Oblong Garden Beds

Raised Garden Beds and Planters are generally used for vegetable gardens, flowers and any gardening application where it is desirable or necessary to have the garden off the ground. This is especially important when the gardener has back problems or accessibility is an issue.

Product IDWidth (mm)Length (mm)Height (mm)Soil (m3)Price ($)
OBP 610H 61011704000.3184.00
OBP 8013H 80013004000.4242.00
OBP 8018H 80018004000.6274.00
OBP 8025H 80025004000.8327.00
OBP 8030H80030004001370.00
OBP 1525H 150025004001.5346.00
OBP 1530H 150030004001.8377.00
OBP 610F 61011708000.6276.00
OBP 8013F 80013008000.8301.00
OBP 8018F 80018008001.2359.00
OBP 8025F 80025008001.6454.00
OBP 8030F 80030008002521.00
OBP 1525F 150025008003485.00
OBP 1530F 150030008003.6537.00

Colour Range Available