Round Garden Beds

Raised Garden Beds and Planters are generally used for vegetable gardens, flowers and any gardening application where it is desirable or necessary to have the garden off the ground. This is especially important when the gardener has back problems or accessibility is an issue.

Product IDDiameter (mm)Height (mm)Soil (m3)Price ($)
ROP965H 9654000.3183.00
ROP1110H 11104000.4195.00
ROP1345H 13454000.6223.00
ROP1630H 16304000.9250.00
ROP1880H 18804001.2279.00
ROP2330H 23304001.7324.00
ROP2640H 26404002.2358.00
ROP3450H 34504003.7444.00
ROP965F 9658000.6244.00
ROP1110F 11108000.8264.00
ROP1345F 13458001.2307.00
ROP1630F 16308001.8354.00
ROP1880F 18808002.4399.00
ROP2330F 23308003.4475.00
ROP2640F 26408004.4529.00
ROP3450F 34508007.4668.00

Colour Range Available